Welcome to my website. I am a cultural anthropologist doing ux research for government APIs.

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I ask big questions about why things are the way they are. I specialize in political communication, design and technology broadly construed. I have studied marketers and elections in Colombia, cities and play in the United States, climate change digital communication and now I work researching government APIs. I’ve been a faceless writer and an author. I am Colombian, half-Uruguayan, and a New American, and I move fluidly between worlds and words.

I earned a PhD in Anthropology from Rice University in 2013. Until 2016, I worked at MIT teaching classes in anthropology, communication and politics. With artist Katarzyna Balug, I cofounded Department of Play, an art+ethnography collective. Through multiple place-making grants, including an ArtPlace grant, we spent three years researching Boston neighborhoods, and using that research to make playful experiences to connect people.

CV available upon request.

mlvidart [at] gmail [dot] com